Best Overall Amphibian Pets - Top 10 List

The below list is an aggregation of results from an extensive online survey of amphibian hobbyists around the country.
  1. Eastern Newt
  2. Fire-bellied Newt
  3. Fire-bellied Toad
  4. Tiger Salamander
  5. Cane Toad
  6. Leopard Frog
  7. Tiger Salamander
  8. Pacman Frog
  9. Pixie Frog
  10. Axolotl

eastern newt
Eastern Newt
(Notophthalmus viridescens)
These beautiful newts breed readily in captivity, and have a beautiful appearance as well. They also learn feeding time and will actually beg you for morsels.

fire bellied newt
Fire-Bellied Newt
(Cynops orientalis)
These newts reach lengths of up to six inches, and have bright red bellies which they use to ward off predators in the wild. They have voracious appetites.

fire bellied toad
Fire-Bellied Toad
(Bombina orientalis)
Fire-bellied toads are one of the most popular toads in the pet hobby due to their extraordinary coloration, impressive size, and robust health.

cane toad
Cane Toad
(Bufo marinus)
Cane toads are monsters, reaching snout to vent lengths of up to 15", and weighing 6 pounds. Incredible appetites and easy breeding make favorites.

leopard frog
Leopard Frog
(Rana pipiens)
Leopard frogs are quite common across much of the U.S., but they are also one of the most beautiful and entertaining pet amphibians and highly recommended.

tiger salamander
Tiger Salamander
(Ambystoma tigrinum)
Tiger salamanders have voracious appetites and grow to a large size (nearly one foot). Their appearance is nothing short of beautiful.

Pacman Frog
(Ceratophrys cranwelli)
These frogs grow to a massive size and have insatiable appetites. Their comical appearance helps make them one of the most adored frogs.

Pixie Frog
(Pyxicephalus adspersus)
These African giants will inhale any prey item they can fit in their mouth (including mice), and grow to a huge, obese size.

axolotl salamander
(Ambystoma mexicanum)
These completely aquatic salamanders have huge appetites, especially if earthworms are available. They have gills that they never lose.