Best Overall Reptile Pets - Top 10 List

The below list is an aggregation of results from an extensive online survey of reptile hobbyists around the country.
  1. Ball Python
  2. Bearded Dragon
  3. Corn Snake
  4. Red Eared Slider
  5. Blue Tongue Skink
  6. Leopard Gecko
  7. Crested Gecko
  8. Green Iguana
  9. Sulcata Tortoise
  10. Garter Snake

ball python
Ball Python
(Python regius)
Known for their generally very docile personalities and small adult size (rarely exceeding 3 to 4 feet). A perennial favorite in the reptile hobby.

bearded dragon
Bearded Dragon
(Pogona vitticeps)
Beardies, as they are affectionately called, usually become quite tame and can grow to two feet in length. They grow quickly and have a very prehistoric appearance.

corn snake
Corn Snake
(Pantherophis guttatus)
Corns snakes are constrictors that grow from 4 to 6 feet, are very reluctant to bite. They also have a beautiful orangish appearance.

red eared slider
Red Eared Slider
(Trachemys elegans)
These are almost entirely aquatic omnivorous turtles that can grow to a foot in length, and have great personalities.

blue tongue skink
Blue Tongue Skink
(Tiliqua scincoides)
These lizards are some of the most docile in the world, and grow to a size of 16 to 18 inches. They are omnivorous and have a bright blue tongue.

leopard gecko
Leopard Gecko
(Eublepharis macularis)
These geckos are some of the most beloved reptiles in the world, and for good reason. They are docile, slow moving, and breed readily.

crested gecko
Crested Gecko
(Rhacodactylus ciliatus)
These geckos are prolific breeders, laying up to 10 clutches per year in captivity. Their docile nature and easy diet make them reptile favorites.

green iguana
Green Iguana
(Iguana iguana)
Green iguanas are much beloved reptiles that grow up to six feet in length. They can become quite handleable and have a very unique appearance.

sulcata tortoise
Sulcata Tortoise
(Geochelone sulcata)
These tortoises can reach shell lengths of up to 36 inches, which makes them the third largest tortoise in the world. Their personalities are docile.

garter snake
Garter Snake
(Thamnophis sirtalis)
These snakes are perennial favorites due to their calm demeanor and hardiness in captivity. They eat insects and minnows in captivity.